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Gender & Social Inclusion

A very famous proverb says that “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” Girls Education is a necessary component for the growth of a nation.

Samagra Shiksha acknowledges that reaching out to the girl child is the central focus of gender parity which is emphasized in the National Policy on Education. NPE states that education should be a transformative force, build

women’s self-confidence and improve their position in society and challenge inequalities. Achieving gender parity has been an overarching concern of the education system. There has been significant improvement and innovation in the area of gender and girl’s education. Efforts pertaining to gender have focused mainly on females. As a result, several girls have been empowered and a space has been created to raise gender concerns and develop a better understanding of the structural and social barriers to girls’ education.

Despite significant improvement in the enrolment of girls, girls from disadvantaged Communities like SC, ST, Muslim girls continue to form the bulk of out of school children.Samagra Shiksha is working for the access and retention of the girls. More cohesive interventions are planned to address economic, academic and social dimensions that lead to dropout. These interventions include transport, escorts, counselling, helping them negotiate domestic work burdens, community support mechanisms and academic support depending on the nature of the problem.

Equity and quality are interlinked with each other. For providing quality education to the girls, Samagra Shiksha Gujarat is continuously working on curriculum, textbooks, teaching-learning materials, use of space in the classroom, infrastructure, periodic assessment of student progress and teacher trainings.

Gender Parameters of Gujarat state is given below:

Gender Parameter State performance
Gender Parity Index (GPI) in Elementary 0.99
Gender Parity Index (GPI) in Secondary 0.85
Gender Parity Index (GPI) in Higher Secondary 0.92
Transition rate Primary to Upper Primary 94.93
Transition rate Upper Primary to Secondary 78.08
Dropout Rate in Elementary 5.21
Dropout Rate in Secondary 9.45
Dropout Rate in Higher Secondary 2.50

Girls education branch of Samagra Shiksha Gujarat has designed 10 point action plan to provide equal quality education to all the school going girls of the state

Samagra Shiksha Gujarat is implementing several programs targeting the holistic development of the girls. Activities conducted under Girls Education branch are given below: