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Inclusive Schools with Resource Room

Brief description

The resource room is a classroom where a special education programme is delivered to a student with a disability and learning difficulty. It is for those students who belong to a regular class but need some special instructions in an individualized or small group setting for a portion of the day. This program includes remedial, compensatory and developmental instruction, which is provided in small groups for usually three to five or more hours per week as and when required. Academic support is also provided through the consultation with the in-service teacher by adjusting the learning environment or modifying the instructional methods.

  • To provide equal opportunities for children with special needs to access government schools
  • To facilitate retention and completion of schooling for children with special needs by creating conducive education facilities for effective inclusion
  • To effectively address educational needs of children with special needs
  • To enable children with special needs, learn daily life activities essential to lead life with independence and confidence
  • To enable children with special needs and those without disabilities to learn from each other and enable them to become socially responsible adults who can contribute to welcoming and inclusive communities.
  • The inclusive schools have CWSN friendly infrastructure and supportive school environment.
  • CWSN are pulled out only to be taught by a special educator until they can be mainstreamed.
  • CWSN participate with other students of the school in all activities of the school including Games, PT Period, Drawing Period, Prayer, Art and Craft, Eco-club, Bal-Sansad, Celebrations, etc. so that the school can serve as a nursery for an inclusive society.
  • Disability-wise Therapists visit the Resource room as per the timetable and provide Therapeutic services and also provide support to Special Educator and Teacher in planning and achieving the goals set in IEP.
  • Special Educators conduct weekly meetings with schoolteachers to help them teach academic subjects to CWSN with appropriate curricular adaptations. This is expected to make the program sustainable and scalable.
  • Aids and Appliances: Disability appropriate aids and appliances are provided.
  • Multi category training of Special educators: Each of the special educator has been trained to handle all existing category of disabilities. Also, an online repository of training courses focused on identification and classroom management for each of the categories are made available to special educators on Diksha Portal / Samarth 2.0.
  • Parent counselling has been organized.
  • Therapeutic services have been provided to the CWSN by the Therapists available in the In-School Resource Room.
  • Transport & Escort allowances: Priority has been given to the multiple disabled and Cerebral Palsy children for the therapy support and attending school. The allowance is linked with the school attendance and transferred through Aadhar-linked direct transfer.
  • Monitoring: State level and district level Inclusive Education Committee has been formed for the review and monitoring progress on enrolment, medical certifications and educational achievements.
Implementation Process:

In the year 2019-20, under the leadership of the State Project Director rigorous rounds of discussions with the District Coordinators and Special Educators were held with the following objectives:

  • To provide more intense support to the CWSN to achieve the best of their potential.
  • To decrease the travel time of the CWSN.
  • To increase the enrolment and frequency of the visit of the CWSN whenever required.

The selected school in the cluster should meet any one of the following criteria in the given order:

  • 1) School should have a vacant room
  • 2) Pay centre school with a vacant room
  • 3) CRC Bhawan with a vacant room
  • In the year 2019-20, 147 Resource Rooms at cluster level were established and equipped with disability wise Teaching Learning Materials (TLM), ICT equipment’s like- NDVA, Read & Write software’s, Hardware like desktop, printer & Pen drive, stationery materials, music and sports equipment’s through a consultative process with the experts of different disabilities.
  • Apart from just establishing the Resource Rooms in the selected schools, the schools are transformed into an inclusive school where the basic facilities like Ramp, Railing, CWSN friendly toilets & drinking water facilities, Signages etc. are being provided for the easy access to the CWSN. These schools now act as a model Inclusive School of the cluster where all types of disability children of the cluster can avail all the services.
  • In the current year 2020-21, a total of 500 In-SRRs will be established in the selected schools. The above process will continue until all the clusters have one model In-SRR