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Remedial Program for Secondary

Objective: To improve the academic performance of the student in class 9th remedial support to identified students who need remediation

Focus Subjects: Gujarati, English and Mathematics

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

Number of Schools covered: 1426

Number of Students covered: 15862 (20% of Total enrolment in Std. 9)

Program Implementation:

A baseline test was design and conducted to select the students for remedial support. Subject specific workbooks were developed for students to practice on the concepts covered under the workbooks with teacher support wherever needed. The aim was to provide remedial support and help students achieve the desired learning outcomes.

The monitoring support for the program was provided through CRC/BRC and State level Command and Control Centre. Program specific questions were designed and included in School Monitoring Application to help CRCs effectively monitor and support the initiative.

Program Outcomes:

  • Improved learning outcomes of students
  • Remedial Teaching program has been instrumental in strengthening the learning process by providing students with learning environment
  • This program provided teachers with the opportunity to adopt better and effective teaching methods.
  • Teachers were able to provide individual attention to students to improve the performance on a particular learning outcome