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PRAGNA ('Pravrutti Dwara Gnan) is an activity-based learning program, currently implemented with students of Early Grades – Std.1 and Std 2 in Gujarat. The Pragna classroom is child friendly space for children where they love to come and learn. It is a place where the material is within their reach and they also have freedom to use there material as per their need. Students are divided in four groups according to the stage of learning. These groups are 1) Teacher Supported group 2) Peer Support group 3) Self-Learning group and 4) Evaluation group.


  • Allow each child to learn at his/her own pace
  • Children can learn through experience
  • Provide activity based, stress free, fun filled education to children
  • Equal and adequate opportunity of learning for every student
  • Opportunity for students for self-learning, peer learning and teacher supported learning
  • Continuous and comprehensive stress free evaluation of students
Coverage :

The program is implemented in all the Government Elementary schools of State Pragna is implemented in the state as under

  • One BRP-Pragna is appointed in each block in the state for handholding and monitoring of the Pragna approach.
  • Hand holding under Pragna approach:
    • BRPs are providing continuous handholding support
    • CRCC works in Pragna class during the school visit
    • Handholding is carried out through training and solution exchange
    • On Air demo lessons for Handholding.
The output of Pragna Approach :
  • Every child gets individual learning
  • Students of Std. I & II have been free from school bags.
  • Student's progress is monitored regularly under CCE. The remedies suggested under CCE, have been implemented on priority bases.
  • Under CCE, daily progress is monitored and noted for student's guidance and teacher's information on their students' progress.
  • Children lagging behind the class are identified and given opportunities to go ahead.
  • Students from Std. I and II are freed from examinations under this approach.
  • The teaching is imparted through distinguished interactive material and classrooms.
  • Interest and attitudes of children are found through Rainbow Activities. Due to this, they get an opportunity to develop their talents.
  • The students have imparted education through activity-based and joyous teaching methods.
  • The students get an opportunity for personal learning by TLM in the classroom.
Distinguished Functions of PRAGNA :
  • A success story of class/school has been documented
  • Third-party research has been carried out
  • Necessary motivation and guidance are given during the visits of Pragna classes by national/state ministers, officers, and dignitaries
  • Opinions of headteachers, teachers, BRCCs, CRCCs, and parents are taken for improving Pragna Activity
  • Follow-Up work and comparative study of monthly progress reports have been done in one-day training regularly.
  • DVDs created by the State core team of Pragna for the training of all BRCC, BRPs, and CRCC.

Students in ‘peer support group’;Shree Kanji Ratanshi pri school; Block – mundra ; dist:- Kutch

Rame teni ramat ;Shree Kanji Ratanshi pri school; Block – mundra ; dist:- Kutch

Group activity in Pragna at Sai pri school; block rapar; dist kutch