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Inclusive Education For CWSN(Children With Special Needs)

Children with Special Needs

Under SSA , efforts are made to give quality education to children with special needs. Some kind of liaison with parents of such children is extremely essential. Parent Councils were formed and regular meetings held on creating awareness on various disabilities. Parents were urged to hold a positive attitude and have faith in the abilities of disabled children. The Council has provided the platform to discuss family, social, education, rehabilitation issues and various psychological barriers related to disabilities.

Parents of disabled children have been nominated in SSA districts and all the members have undergone intensive training. In addition, Parents Councils have been formed in every village constituting of parents of disabled children. The members of Parent Council are trained on dealing with specific issues pertaining to children with various disabilities.

Generating Awareness

To mobilize the parents and teachers, posters (awareness material) for Locomotor Disability, Visual Impairment (VI), Mental Retardation (MR) & Hearing Impairment (HI) are prepared and will be distributed in the schools. These posters carry messages on developing a positive attitude towards disabled children by parents, family members’ etc. This awareness material will be used during Parent Council, MTA, PTA meetings.

Training Strategy for IEDC

In cascade mode, training is imparted to project staff at district, block, cluster and village levels. Class teachers dealing with disabled child is given specific training of the concerned disability at BRC level by qualified and experienced Resource Teachers. Class teachers of disabled children are oriented on classroom management, attitudinal aspects of teachers, classmates and schoolmates, curricular and co-curricular activities, supplementary literature, use of specific aids and appliances to address the problems of concerned disability of children.

All other teachers of a school with a disabled child are trained on classroom management, attitudinal aspects of teachers, classmate and school mates and co-curricular and curricular activities.

Training Modules

Master Trainers’ Training module was developed and distributed to BRC and CRC levels. Teacher’s training module was developed and distributed in all the schools . The module guides the teachers in Classroom transaction and in changing their attitude towards the disabled children. In addition, the content of the module enables the teachers to design co-curricular activities, content-based teaching methods to suit the needs of children with various disabilities, use of literature in TLM (both standard and subject wise) and use of special aids.