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Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV)

Introduction of KGBV

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) scheme was launched by the Government of India in August 2004 for setting up residential schools at an upper primary level for girls belonging predominantly to the Scheduled cast Scheduled tribe, other backward class, and minorities in difficult areas. Initially, it runs as a separate scheme but was merged with the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan with effect from 1st April 2007. With the RTE Act, 2009 coming into force with effect from 1st April 2010, and the Sarva Shiksha framework of Implementation being revised to correspond to the RTE Act, the KGBV component of Sarva Shiksha is also being implemented in the overall context of child rights and child entitlements and in harmony with spirit and stipulations of the Act.

Under this Scheme, KGBVs are set up in Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) where the female rural literacy is below the national average (i.e. below 46.13% as per census 2001) and the gender gap in literacy is above the national average of 21.59%. The scope of the scheme was enlarged to cover the Blocks that have rural female literacy below 30% and urban areas with more than the national female literacy (urban) of 53.67% as per the census 2001. This was again enlarged to cover all the educationally backward blocks with the rural female literacy of 46.13%. KGBVs are set up where more than 500 girls (10 to 14 years of age) are either out of school (drop out or never enrolled) or irregular attendance for more than 6 months. 75% of the targeted girls belong to a scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, minority communities, and other backward class communities and 25% of girls from the families of Below Poverty Line (BPL). Age-appropriate enrolment of the girls is done in class 6 to 8 according to their age and as prescribed in the RTE Act, 2009/ MHRD Guideline.

The special training course has also been prescribed for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months or more than 6 months for the girls who were never been to school.

KGBV in Gujarat

In Gujarat, at present, there is a total of 240KGBVs established under Samagra Shiksha. From Which165 KGBVs are run with the help of the GOI support and 75 run with the help of the GOG support.

Details of enrolment of the girls in KGBVs :






Total Enrolment

School with hostel


Total GoI

School with hostel


Total GoG+GoI

Type 1

6 to 8








Type 2

6 to 10








Type 3

6 to 12








Type 4

9 to 12

















List of KGBV in each district :

Academic Activities:

  • A State-level activity called Mission Vidya to identify the poor performing students- Priya Balaka in quality assessment program Gunotsav the KGBV girls are also identified and given special training to perform well
  • Each KGBV headteacher keeps an academic record with respected class teachers of std. 6,7 & 8 on the basis of semester exams and run special training
  • For Secondary school girls, extra coaching is provided for subjects like Science and Mathematics
  • A weekly Unit test is also carried out for all subjects from the State level and the online data entry of each girl carried out by all teachers
  • The educational trips are planned at the KGBV level to explore more knowledge.
  • Teaching-learning aids are designed by teachers and use them in regular or bridge course classes
  • “Gyankunj” – Smart class facilities is provided in KGBVs.
  • Teachers are trained on the use of the Gyankunj apparatus and also internet facilities are also provided to give more related knowledge along with e-content of all subjects.
  • Learning outcome-based evaluation of the second semester is planned to check levels of all girls from the State level.
  • Special teacher training program is organised for KGBV teachers.
  • KGBV girls participate in Science fair at the cluster, block and district level organized by DIET.

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • KGBV Girls have participated in various competitions like Project work, essay writing, Elocution competition, Science Fair, Painting Competition, Rangoli Competition, Quiz competition, Yoga organized by different departments like GCERT, Primary education dept. etc.
  • Activities that are helpful for the development of their skills, such as Glass painting, to make west to best items, Gardening, Meena Radio Program, Weekly Exposure visit also been done through the year
  • The details activities uploaded on Shagun portal during the year

Health records maintained and general health status of the girls:

  • Health check-up is done every three months. Height, weight and Basic Metabolic Index (BMI) are calculated.
  • Records are displayed & updated every quarterly girl wise data is monitored and Accordingly
  • Nutritious food is provided, designed by Diet experts from University Every quarterly PHC doctors visit KGBV
  • Health committee is formed look after the underweight & anaemic girls for their food & proper diet
  • Maintained records regarding Girls Menstrual Cycle and give them proper Knowledge for hygiene on these days.
  • Electric Incinerator provision for the safe disposal of Sanitary Napkin
  • The iron-folic tablet is given to all Girls twice in a week with the help of CHC/PHC.
Councelling services in KGBV :

Girls residing in KGBV often face emotional, social and psychological pressure as they are away from their family members. KGBV girls are coming from underprivilge areas facing several problems and social issues in their home. Many times they are not able to cope up with all these issues hence feel depression which ultimately affect their studies.

To overcome the stress and pressure and to provide proper guidance to all the KGBV girls as well as KGBV staff, Samagra Shiksha Gujarat has planned to provide counselling services to them. In 2019-20 Samagra Shiksha Gujarat has signed MoU with Gujarat Vidyapith to provide counselling services to all the KGBVs.

According to MoU, Gujrat Vidyapith will prepare training module and give training to all KGBV staff, counsellors will visit the KGBVs regularly and give special counselling to individual girl based on psycho- social and emotional need.

Capacity building of the Teachers

For running the KGBVs effectively, teachers and wardens are given training at regular intervals. Below are the details of the training imparted during the year 2018-19.

Type of training

Training Content

Cluster/Block level training Full-time teachers and Warden Cum headteacher participated

Subject wise content-related training incorporates with In-service teacher training

State-level training KGBV CRC coordinator and Warden cum headteacher

KGBV administrative, safety and security and managerial training

Zonal level training KGBV Full time and Part-time teachers

Subject wise content hard spot training (as per result of State level Evaluation like Gunotsav) by SRG members and Pedagogy co. of districts

State-level training of District Gender Coordinators and Warden Cum headteachers.

Sensitization Program for teachers/wardens on special needs of students of KGBVs in SCs, STs and Minorities concentrated blocks.

Build up the capacity of teachers/wardens on various strategies in the implementation of inclusive education in KGBVs.

State-level training of District Gender Coordinators Training by Cascade Manner

Menstrual hygiene management by Menstrupedia Organization Ahmedabad.

District/KGBV Level

Carrier guidance seminar for std.9&10 girls and Warden cum headteacher

District/KGBV Level

Mentoring and Adolescent Program for std.9 & 10 girls and Warden cum headteacher

State-level training of District Gender Coordinators

Shala Swachhata Action plan

District/KGBV Level

Training and counselling of girls and teachers for safety and Security through the Child Protection department of the district.