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School Safety

In order to prevent accidents or other unforeseen occurrences in schools, it has been decided to display safety pledge in the notice board for school-safety program and teachers to act as first level of counsellors.

The purpose is to raise awareness among students and parents on school safety in all government Elementary and Secondary schools in Gujarat.

Components of School Safety Program
  • A board/wall painting of preferable size and at proper height is displayed in each school depicting the "School-Safety Pledge" from where it can easily be read by all students, school teachers and parents.
  • A suggestion box has been placed in the schools as part of the program where students can submit their complaint or opinion.
  • Guidance and counseling seminars/meetings in terms of safety as per the requirement of the students are being organized according to guidelines of Samagra Shiksha along with the students, teachers, SMC members and parents.

Issues like the following are discussed at the seminar / meeting / counselling sessions:

  • 1. Awareness about bringing a student to school regularly.
  • 2. Safety on the way to school.
  • 3. Trying to know the mindset of the child.
  • 4. Awareness of sexual harassment.
  • 5. Value education.
  • 6. Girls education.
  • 7. Things to keep in mind during picnic/travel
  • 8. Safety guidelines
  • 9. Redressal mechanism
  • School Students, Teachers, Principals, SMC Members, parents and villagers all felt the importance of making their village/city a safe and secure place.
  • Teachers became sensitive especially to the needs and difficulties of primary-class students.
  • The school environment seemed to be healthier, cleaner than before and also the environment was uplifted in such a manner so that the children could not be disturbed mentally and physically.
  • It is now obvious that school staff got an idea on how to deal with situations during natural and critical emergency times.
  • The suggestion boxes placed in the schools started to be maintained and the matters reported in them started to be resolved on a regular basis.
  • School students, SMC members, parents as well as villagers got familiar with important contact numbers like National Emergency Response, Child Help Line, Referral Hospital, Fire Station, Taluka Level Officers, Disaster Management Center Helpline, Education Toll-Free Number, Principal and Teacher Contact Number.


The School safety program was implemented in total 33,504 Government Elementary and 1564 Government Secondary Schools in Gujarat.